Hey, I'm William.  I take headshots for actors in NYC.  Sometimes I photograph other types of creative people as well.  I was an actor for 20 years, and bring that perspective - an interest in what makes individuals unique, to my headshot photography. 

Taking headshots is just like acting.  It's about being relaxed and spontaneous enough to capture moments that feel human.  That goes for both the photographer and the subject.  

I see an awful lot of headshots that try to fit a trend, or try to jam you into some preconceived "type."  I don't think these are very interesting, and they all blend together.  Your job is to stand out.  

What stands out?  Authentic humanity.  

I approach each session from the perspective of making you so comfortable that you relax, drop all the ideas you have in your head about what you're supposed to be, and just BE.  Then I click a little button. 

If that resonates with you, click that "book a shoot" button and lets make some cool pictures together! 

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